Happy Friday! It's time to share what we've been up to this week.
New Releases
Point-in-time recovery is now available for new databases.
If you set up a new Pro plan database and are on the Team plan or above, you'll have point-in-time recovery going forward. You can also upgrade any new database to a Pro plan and get access to PITR.
Product Updates
Point-in-time recovery is also available for existing databases on the Pro plan.
If you want to enable PITR today and are eligible, contact the Support team to schedule maintenance and enable the feature for your database.
pgvector is now available for existing databases.
You can also contact Support if you're interested in enabling pgvector.
All databases will eventually have access to both pgvector and PITR, if on the Pro plan, as we complete maintenance over the next few months.
We launched
Projects in Early Access
a couple of weeks ago. You can now organize your services by app and deployment to make building and managing services much easier.
Get access to projects today by navigating to Settings and opting in to the Early Access. Available on the Team plan and above.