Suspend and Resume Databases
You can now suspend and resume databases from the dashboard.
To suspend a database use the Suspend Database button located below the Access Control section.
Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 12
Suspended Databases can be resumed at any time using the Resume Database button.
Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 12
Database Access Controls
You can now restrict public access to your Render databases. Allow only trusted IPs or block external access completely.
New Guides and One-Click Deploys
We’ve created in-depth guides to deploy your Django and Ruby on Rails projects on Render! We’ve also created a number of one-click deploy buttons for popular open-source analytics projects that will provide critical business insights in just a couple minutes!
EU Region now generally available!
We're super excited to announce general availability of our first Europe region in Frankfurt.
Certificate Status for Custom Domains
You can now see the status of your custom domain SSL certificates once DNS verification is complete.
This is what it looks like after DNS has been verified and the certificate is pending issuance:
And this is the all clear screen:
Change in behavior for Github/Gitlab PR Preview updates
We've heard your concerns regarding automated comment spam on PR Previews, and we've decided to change the default behavior for creating GitHub/GitLab comments when a PR Preview server is updated.
By default, Render won't create any new comments after the initial comment linking to the PR preview in your Render Dashboard. You can always switch to the previous default behavior by updating the value here under
Account Settings
in the dashboard.
Roll back to a previous deploy
Previous deploys for web services, private services, and background workers can now be rolled back to from the dashboard, without needing to rebuild your service. See for more detail.
All native environments now include rsync
is now included in all build and runtime environments and can be used without needing a custom Dockerfile.
Dashboard improvements
  • Primary sections are now linked in the side nav along with handy links to docs, chat and feedback.
  • Account related sections like settings, teams, and billing can still be found in the top nav dropdown.
  • There is a
    New +
    button in the top nav to create a new service or database from anywhere in the dashboard.
Coming Soon
We've started work on improving the services list and detail views so it's easier and faster to find the info you need. Questions or comments? Feel free to reach out in chat or at
Docker Build Improvements
Docker apps on Render are now built with BuildKit, Docker's new build engine which brings performance and storage improvements with concurrent, cache-efficient builds.
We've also added details of Render's Docker support at
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