Changelog April 2022
  • Render PostgreSQL now supports multiple databases in a single PostgreSQL instance.
  • Render PostgreSQL External Connection Strings now include a unique database instance ID. For example,
    for a primary database, and
    <database-instance-id>.<replica cyan>
    for a replica database. Existing External Connection Strings without an instance ID will continue to work.
  • Render PostgreSQL load balancers now support SNI-based routing. Clients that support SNI (like the latest
    ) will connect to your database using SNI-based routing.
  • We added a quickstart guide for Remix:
  • When creating a new service, the suggested region is based on the regions of other services in your account.
  • Fixed an issue with services in which the port that received public traffic was not reachable by other services in the same region
  • Many small platform reliability and user experience improvements.
Changelog March 2022
  • Managed Redis is now generally available! With this release, we've added ephemeral and persistent plans, Blueprint support, a metrics dashboard, and the ability to connect externally to your Redis instance.
  • The US East Ohio region and Singapore region are now generally available! These regions can be selected when creating a service.
  • We have introduced two new service plans, Pro Max and Pro Ultra, for services that require more RAM and CPU than our other plans provide. Please see our pricing page for more details on resource limits and pricing for these plans.
  • We are now enforcing build limits for static sites and services on the free plan.
  • The Dashboard list view now includes a Region column.
  • We have updated our Strapi examples to use Strapi v4.
  • The
    package has been added to our Native Environments.
  • PostgreSQL instances containing more than one database now use
    instead of
    to create backups. Instances with a single database will continue to use
Changelog February 2022
  • The US East Ohio region is now available in early access! You can opt-in on the Account Settings page.
  • Static Outbound IP Addresses are now available for all services. Note that services created in the Oregon region within accounts created prior to January 23, 2022 will not use Static Outbound IP Addresses. Please create new services within a new Team to use Static Outbound IP Addresses.
  • The Dashboard has been updated to a more modern, streamlined design.
  • HTTP 502 errors now show a more descriptive page outlining reasons your site may be unavailable.
  • A
    dropdown is available in the Dashboard to access a service's internal address, SSH command, and Static Outbound IP addresses.
  • PostgreSQL 14 databases created after Feb 15, 2022 now have the timescaledb extension available. Additionally, we are now using the open source, Apache 2 licensed version of the extension instead of the community version.
  • libvips-tools
    has been added to our Native Environments.
Changelog January 2022
  • SSH is now generally available! Visit our SSH docs to try it out.
  • Persistent Redis is in early access. You can opt-in from the Account Settings page.
  • Cloudflare is now the CDN used for all Static Sites.
  • We will be enforcing build limits for Free Services and Static Sites effective March 1st. Please see our build limits doc for more details.
  • Users can now change the email associated with their Render account from the Account Settings page.
  • Our Poetry install has been updated to support Python 3.10 on native environments.
  • Render's blog now has an RSS feed. Add the feed to your RSS reader to stay up-to-date with Render news:
Changelog December 2021
  • SSH is now in early access! You can opt in from the Account Settings page.
  • Managed Redis is now in early access. You can opt in from the Account Settings page.
  • All Render services now have free DDOS protection via Cloudflare.
  • The RAM limit for services using the Free plan is now 512MB instead of 256MB.
  • HTTP/3 support has been enabled for all Render services.
  • Datadog Database monitoring is now available by request. Please email if you'd like to enable it for your database.
  • The REST API now supports the option to dynamically generate values for environment variables when creating or updating a service.
  • Libvips has been added to our native Ruby environment.
Changelog November 2021
Improvements and Fixes
  • Our REST API is generally available. Visit our API reference docs to try it out!
  • You can now use Free Plans to deploy services in the EU.
  • Our Free trial is deprecated in favor of Free Plans.
  • The default Zola version was bumped to 0.14.1 for static environments.
  • Problematic lines in your render.yaml are now highlighted in the display of Blueprint sync errors.
  • New users now see a refreshed dashboard view.
Changelog October 2021
Changes Coming to Render's Changelog
We are in the process of updating the format of Render's Changelog. Starting with the November Changelog, look out for an improved process that aims to provide relevant information more frequently, and more information about our most important feature releases on the blog.
Improvements and Fixes
  • Web and shell logs are now available in optional full screen mode.
  • You can now arrange the sortable list of your services and databases by status.
  • The YAML specification for infrastructure as code is now called the blueprint specification.
  • You can now retry failed blueprint syncs with the click of a button.
  • We now support pnpm for all native language environments.
  • The database status badge now indicates when maintenance is scheduled or ongoing.
  • The default Python Poetry version was bumped to 1.1.11.
  • The default Ruby version was bumped to 2.6.8
  • The PostgreSQL client in native language environments now supports PostgreSQL versions 12, 13, and 14.
  • The Render Community Slack channel has been deprecated in favor of in-dashboard chat and the Render Community site.
Changelog September 2021
There are three announcements to spotlight this month! A new service view in the Dashboard, improvements to billing, and Render's brand new blog.
New Service View
CleanShot 2021-10-01 at 16
Services and databases are now shown in a sortable list. Additionally, we added a search box to filter the list.
PDF Invoices and Promo Codes
You can now download PDF invoices from the dashboard.
You can also enter promo codes to redeem coupons and credits. Check it out for yourself on the billing page! Use
before November 1, 2021 to get $5 off on your next Render bill. Promotions will automatically appear on your next invoice. You can also view your credit balance on the billing page.
Render Blog
We launched the Render Blog to share announcements, what we're working on, and other topics we're excited about.
One More Thing
We said three spotlight features, but PostgreSQL 14 deserves to be included. It launched on September 30, and is available for all new databases on Render.
Improvements and Fixes
  • Cron jobs will use standard Render plans with varying CPU and memory, effective October 1, 2021.
  • The dashboard now displays absolute timestamps when you hover over relative timestamps.
  • GitHub Deployment status is now set to
    when a Render deploy is canceled.
  • Service URLs are now included in Slack deploy notifications.
  • Doppler in native language environments was bumped to 3.31.1.
  • The default version for Python Poetry was bumped to 1.1.8.
  • We now validate VAT numbers in billing information.
Changelog August 2021
Render is growing quickly, so we launched a revamped Careers page that describes who we are, how we work, and the benefits of working at Render (and of course, our open roles).
August also included a lot of behind-the-scenes work to improve reliability: more observability, alerts, and automation. While reliability work isn't often visible, we will continue to invest in it because we think of it as a core part of UX.
Improvements and Fixes
  • One-off jobs are now generally available.
  • Logged in users can now change their password under Account Settings.
  • We added a new message to indicate when a deploy is waiting for a successful health check, or when it fails the health check.
  • Updated messaging for server health events:
    Server failed
    is now
    Server unhealthy
    , and
    Server back up
    is now
    Server healthy
  • The
    Server unhealthy
    event now includes more context on the failure.
  • Removed duplicate notifications from failed Log Streams connections to syslog endpoints.
  • Increased PostgreSQL connection limits for the Pro Plus plan.
  • Bumped default Go version in the build image for Static Sites to 1.17.
  • WebSocket connections to your app will now use
    for the value of
    increasing compatibility with application servers that do not recognize
  • Servers with disks now support user-schedulable maintenance windows.
Coming soon
  • Cron jobs will use standard Render plans with varying CPU and memory effective October 1, 2021.
Changelog July 2021
Jobs in Early Access
You can now create a Job to run a specific task to completion, or run many such tasks in parallel with different arguments. Please email to get access to Jobs.
Improvements and Fixes
  • PostgreSQL 12 & 13 are now generally available. New databases will use PostgreSQL 13 by default.
  • You can now get information on Render users and teams through our (early access) REST API.
  • All native environments now include
  • PostgreSQL Read Replicas now use the same IP access control settings as the primary database.
  • Previously, not specifying a service plan in
    could revert it to the default. We fixed this behavior to only change the plan if it is specified in
  • Fixed an issue where Cron Job runs were being canceled if they ran beyond their next scheduled time.
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