Hey everyone! We're almost done building out a
Render changelog to create a home for all of our platform news. Our last few updates have been email-only (subscribe here if you haven't), but moving forward we'll also add any new entries here until the new changelog goes live. When that happens, we'll let you know!
In the meantime, here's our December update:
Log explorer + HTTP logs
There's a powerful new tool for searching and filtering service logs right from your dashboard:
Log explorer in the Render Dashboard
Use the explorer to search your logs for an arbitrary string, filter by log level, and click to view any result in its original context.
With a team account, you can also view logs for every incoming HTTP request to your web services.
New default language versions
If an app doesn't specify a version for its programming language, Render uses its default version for that language. We'll be the first to admit that some of those defaults were getting…a little stale.
To freshen things up, we've been updating language defaults for new services over the last few weeks. Here are the changes:
  • Node.js:
    14.17.0 → 20.9.0
  • Ruby:
    2.6.8 → 3.2.2
  • Elixir:
    1.9.4 → 1.15.6
  • Python:
    3.7.10 → 3.11.6 (this one's rolling out right now)
Much better! 😌
A couple items to note:
  • These are Render's new
    language versions. You can always specify a different version for your app.
  • These updates are for
    newly created
    services. Existing services keep their original defaults to prevent breaking changes.
Early access for High Availability PostgreSQL
We're getting ready to release
High Availability
) support for Render PostgreSQL databases. With HA enabled, Render can automatically fail over to a standby instance of your database if the primary instance becomes unavailable.
HA will be available for team accounts and will support
database instances and higher. Right now, we're running a closed early access period to ensure a smooth rollout. If your team is interested in enabling HA, fill out this form to apply for early access. Note that we can't guarantee a response to every application.
Have a restful holiday ❄️