We spent the week working hard on upcoming releases, so our update is short and sweet.
Small wins we shipped this week
  • Set preferred Poetry version
    Customers using Python native environments can now use a POETRY_VERSION environment variable to specify the version of Poetry they wish to have installed. Learn more.
  • Deploying from external registries
    We addressed several bugs in the Early Access feature. As a reminder, you can try deploying containers from external registries by enabling the feature in Settings
  • Errors for bad start commands
    If you configure an invalid start command, you'll now see an error in the logs and on the events page
  • New logging for slow queries
    We now log when a query takes longer than 2s so that you have more data to help debug slow app performance.
Reminder: Updates to our build retention policy for Instant Rollbacks
Starting on July 5, 2023, we will retain builds only for the most recent deploys of Render services. Based on historical data, this change will not affect most users. The number of builds retained will vary based on plan.
Find more detail under Instant Rollbacks on our pricing page.
Happy long weekend to everyone in America! See you next Friday!