Changelog August 2021
Render is growing quickly, so we launched a revamped Careers page that describes who we are, how we work, and the benefits of working at Render (and of course, our open roles).
August also included a lot of behind-the-scenes work to improve reliability: more observability, alerts, and automation. While reliability work isn't often visible, we will continue to invest in it because we think of it as a core part of UX.
Improvements and Fixes
  • One-off jobs are now generally available.
  • Logged in users can now change their password under Account Settings.
  • We added a new message to indicate when a deploy is waiting for a successful health check, or when it fails the health check.
  • Updated messaging for server health events:
    Server failed
    is now
    Server unhealthy
    , and
    Server back up
    is now
    Server healthy
  • The
    Server unhealthy
    event now includes more context on the failure.
  • Removed duplicate notifications from failed Log Streams connections to syslog endpoints.
  • Increased PostgreSQL connection limits for the Pro Plus plan.
  • Bumped default Go version in the build image for Static Sites to 1.17.
  • WebSocket connections to your app will now use
    for the value of
    increasing compatibility with application servers that do not recognize
  • Servers with disks now support user-schedulable maintenance windows.
Coming soon
  • Cron jobs will use standard Render plans with varying CPU and memory effective October 1, 2021.