• Managed Redis is now generally available! With this release, we've added ephemeral and persistent plans, Blueprint support, a metrics dashboard, and the ability to connect externally to your Redis instance.
  • The US East Ohio region and Singapore region are now generally available! These regions can be selected when creating a service.
  • We have introduced two new service plans, Pro Max and Pro Ultra, for services that require more RAM and CPU than our other plans provide. Please see our pricing page for more details on resource limits and pricing for these plans.
  • We are now enforcing build limits for static sites and services on the free plan.
  • The Dashboard list view now includes a Region column.
  • We have updated our Strapi examples to use Strapi v4.
  • The
    package has been added to our Native Environments.
  • PostgreSQL instances containing more than one database now use
    instead of
    to create backups. Instances with a single database will continue to use