• Monorepo Build Filters are now in Early Access! Please contact support@render.com if you would like to try it.
  • We have announced the SQL Insights Stripe App, which will be part of the public beta launch of the Stripe App Marketplace in the coming weeks.
  • Creating a Blueprint will now use the default branch you have defined for your repository rather than falling back to
  • The Account and Team Settings pages now have a navigation menu on the left side.
  • The status page has been updated to break out Render service components by geographic region.
  • We have published a Security & Trust page on our website.
  • We have partnered with HackerOne for our security vulnerability disclosure program. Please submit any reports to security-reports@render.com. Out security.txt has been updated to reflect this.
  • We have disabled weak TLS ciphers for all websites on Render.