I am interested in using Render as a free alternative to Heroku or Fly to deploy small Ruby on Rails side projects in the context of a course I teach to beginners at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Both Heroku and Fly handle the
step automatically, whereas it seems this must be done manually in a few steps on Render. Unfortunately, those steps are challenging for beginners and that may prevent us from using Render in the course. We always try to take the simplest possible route in our early projects to empower beginners with deploying their little toy apps (like this Rock, Paper, Scissors game: https://rps-tr2z.onrender.com) on the web.
Is there any plan to follow a similar model to Fly, Heroku, and Hatchbox to ease the deployment process and avoid some of the complications of setting the
and changes needed to the
file (in the case of database-backed apps, but we begin with simple dynamic apps with no database)?
It would be great if Render could ease these two Ruby on Rails deployment steps in a fashion somewhat similar to Fly, Heroku, or Hatchbox. Mainly that means: not requiring multiple changes to the app configuration or generating new credentials prior to deployment on Render.