In some situations, like with a monorepo setup, a single push would trigger a deployment for every service. I see there is some work being done to address that adding paths to ignore/watch before deployment. My point is, a chance to run a custom command/script to determine if a deployment may be skipped would be much more efficient.
For example, I'm working with an NX monorepo, and I could run a command to know which services need to be rebuilt, and eventually skip the deployment, instead of re-deploying 7 services wasting time and resources for one single change on a single app. Something much simpler to implement I guess and way more powerful.
As someone else pointed out here, the same thing could be done with a git diff check. The possibilities with a custom command/script are endless, and it works really well for other things in render.yaml like the "initialDeployHook".
Is there any chance we could have this? Thank you for all your work, Render is awesome!